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Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company has been honored in national day of exports conference At this conference B.I.P.C   introduced as the khouzestan Superior exporter among … [Read the rest]

Successful Revamp Project in Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company Due To successful revamp project , B.I.P.C MTBE unit has reached to you Percent of its nominal … [Read the rest]

After retirement of  Mr Amiri B.I.P.C Previous M.D , Mr Hamid Reza Rostami has been appointed to this position . Mr Rostami has more than … [Read the rest]

Acquiring 5-star certificate of excellence from the European quality management foundation (EFQM) The European foundation for quality management (EFQM) know as (EFQM) is based on … [Read the rest]

This assessment lasted for 4 days from 2 until 5december. During this period, present assessors conducted 35 meetings with senior executives and conducted more than … [Read the rest]

Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company delivered its first Humanitarian aid to the west country earthquake struck areas. This shipment was included 200 Blanket , 6000 bottle … [Read the rest]

Comparing With the first 6 Month of last persian year,  Bandar  Imam Petrochemical Company has been achieve to 7 percent increase in production, due to … [Read the rest]

Bandar Imam Petrochemical Managing Director and other Top Managments met with  B.I.P.C HSE workers on the occasion of national fire fighters and safty day. … [Read the rest]

15% Increase production in first three month Mr. Amiri  B.I.P.C  M.D declared that the company has increased its production more than 275000 B/D comparing with … [Read the rest]

Conference of Petrochemical Heads of Complexes Hosted by Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company   … [Read the rest]

Bandar Imam petrochemical sport club located in mahshahr area. It has been established since 2013. There are many infrastructures and sport halls and courts available for people, in the region. Bandar Imam petrochemical sport club has two important divisions as follow: Public sports fields : swimming , shooting , chess , tennis , football , volleyball … [Visit website]
Since the nature of wastewater produced by the four producing subsidiary companies differs, various methods of treatment are required to cope with the issue. There are 21 pre-treatment or full treatment systems installed at the complex with a total treatment capacity of fifty thousand cubic meters a day. [Continue]
our vision: the 5th profitable Asian petrochemical company in 2020 [Continue]