7 Percent Production growth in Bandar Imam PetrochemicalCompany

Comparing With the first 6 Month of last persian year,  Bandar  Imam Petrochemical Company has been achieve to 7 percent increase in production, due to receiving a good rate of NGL feed, as well as holding regular fix process bottleneck meetings.

Among the B.I.P.C subsidiaries, Bandar Imam Faravaresh Company has increased its Productions more than 2 million and 142 thousand tons, which shows 9 percent growth comparing with the same period of last year.

Also , among the products of the complex , Butane with amount of 441,095 tons and Propane with amount of 499,736 tons shows the highest increase in production , and it shows 5&4 percent increase in production comparing the same period of last year.

Bandar Imam Petrochemical company , has 5 subsidiary companies , 3 of them , produce almost 30 types of various petrochemical productions , either for domestic Consumption or for export.


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Published by: احسان مظفر
Publish date: 16/10/2017
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