BD/SR Plant

Feed : C4 mixed unsaturated hydrocarbons: 88.000 tons per year

Styrene monomer: 7.800 tons chemical additives; 6.200 tons

Operation History: 1994

Plant process: this plant has been formed from a butadiene unit  and two units of synthetic rubber. 1,3-butadiene of the four-carbon unsaturated  hydrocarbons from OL plant, during the various stages of purification will be sent as a feed to the synthetic rubber units . in this unit 1,3-butadiene has combined and polymerized with styrene in low temperature (cold emulsion method) monomer and after multiple steps and adding the necessary chemicals, and finally as a synthetic rubber molds with different grades is marketed.

Application : synthetic rubber is utilized in production of car & truck tires, shoe industry, toys.

cold E-SBR has far more consistent quality than Hot E-SBR and excellent in physical properties such as tensile Strength, tear resistance, again resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Unit’s production: synthetic rubber in 4 grades: 40.000 tons per year

Products: BD/SR
Production capacity: 40 Thousand Tons
Start date: 1994
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