VCM Plant

Feed : 40/7.000 tons per year  /  EDC : 160.000 tons per year

Operation History: 1994

Plant process: in this unit VCM & HCL are produced from the cracking of EDC in furnaces. The obtained HCL in the oxy-chlorination section of this unit is combined with ETHYLENE in the presence of OXYGEN, using a catalyst and EDC is produced . the produced EDC is recycied again to the heating furnaces.

Application : VCM is utilized for production of PVC.

Unit’s production:

VCM: 180.000 tons per year

HCL %35 : 19.000 tons per year

Products: VCM
Production capacity: 180 Thousand Tons
Contractors: TOYO SODA
Start date: 1994
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