CA Plant

Plant Process : in this unit  the produced salt from SALT plant is decomposed by electrolysis and convert  to sodium and chlorine. The produced sodium in combination water convert to caustic soda and hydrogen. Chlorine in the next step is used to production of EDC and HCL.

Application : Caustic soda is utilized to preparation of soap, detergents, paper-making , industry, industrial production and refining of vegetable oils and also as a raw material for paint and chemical compounds. CHLORINE is used to in production of EDC which part of it for production of VCM and the rest is marketed.

Unit’s production :

CAUSTIC SODA %50 : 500.000 tons per year

CHLORINE : 220.000 tons per year

HCL %33: for domestic consumption of complex

SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE:6.600 tons per year(as a by product)

Products: CA
Production capacity: 400 Thousand Tons
Contractors: DE NORA
Start date: 1994
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