AR Plant

Feed: Naphtha:      1.000.000 tons per year

Operation History :1996

Plant Process: This unit  has been designed  to  product  PAH which is formed from hydrogen purification feed, catalyst forming, dissociation with solvent and hydro-alkylation. Naphthalene  after treatment in hydrogen and sulfur purification section, enter to catalyst  forming  section  which aromatic conversion reaction is performed . in dissociation section, the combination of the ring were isolated by silvent and dissociate to the final product. In hydro-alkylation section TOLUENE & heavy aromatics convert to BENZENE.

Application : BENZENE is utilized to in preparation of detergents, plastics, synthetic  fibers,  nylon ,resins, organic dyes and drugs. MIXED XYLENE  is  utilized in paint  industry, softeners for plastic industry, synthetic fibers and as  a  solvent.

Unit,s production:

1) BENZENE: 230.000 tons per year

2) MIXED XYLENE : 140.000 tons per year

3) RAFFINATE: 240.000 tons por year

4) LPG : 110.000 tons per year

Products: AR
Production capacity: 230 Thousand Tons
Start date: 1996
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