C2 & C3 Recovery Plant

Feed: fuel gas:  279.000 tons per year

Operation History: 2006

Plant Process: in this unit  ETHANE & PROPANE are extracted from produced fuel gas in NF plant. The plant process includes cooling and separation in the distillation tower. And ETHANE as  a  main production of this unit will be sent to OL plant of Bandar Imam and Amir kabir petrochemical company.

Unit,s production:

  1. ETHANE: 175.0000 tons per year
  2. PROPANE: 55.000 tons per year
  3. FUEL GAS: 49.000 tons per year
Products: C2 & C3 Recovery
Production capacity: 175 Thousand Tons
Contractors: LINDE
Start date: 2006
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