OL Plant

Feed: ETHANE : 414.000 tons per year / PENTHANE & heavier: 675.000 tons per year

Operation process : Due to molecular cracking  at  high temperature in the ten furnaces which capable of receiving feed liquid and gas, OLEFIN compounds produced and dissociated and purified  during multiple stages.

Application : it is utilized to supply the main feed of polymer units of complex

Unit’s production:

1)ETHYLENE : 411.000 tons per year

2)PROPYLENE : 118.000 tons per year

3)C4 OLEFIN: 88.000 tons per year

4)PYROLISIS GASOLINE: 130.000 tons per year

5)FUEL OIL: 15/3.000 tons per year

Products: OL
Production capacity: 411 Thousand Tons
Contractors: LUMMUS
Start date: 1994
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