Abniroo Co.

ABNIROO Company, a subsidiary of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Co. it is  provider of Utilities for BIPC’s Production plants and  was started up in 1990.It is consisted of the following Sections :

  • UT 100 & 200: Power Generation and Distribution Plant, including 4 Gas turbine Generators with total capacity of 264,100 KW
  • UT-300 :Compressed Air production unit consisted of 6 air compressors, with total capacity of 138,000 NM3/H ( 3 compressors driven by steam turbines )
  • UT-400: Nitrogen Production Plant( Gas & Liquid) by means of 4 Air Separation units with total capacity of 30,000 NM3/H
  • UT-500: Super Heat Steam Generation plant including 7 Boilers and total quantity of 2200 Ton/h
  • UT-600: Water Treatment Plant producing 60,000 Ton/h of Demineralized Water and 200 Ton/h of Drinking Water
  • UT-700: Gas Distribution Unit
  • UT-24 & 25:  Waste Water Treatment and Incineration units


Activity type: Services
Personnels count: 250 persons
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