5th top profitable Asian petrochemical company


BIPC Strategies

  • Secure NGL feedstock and utilizing NF plant(Natural fragrance )
  • Focus on export with the aim of enhancing market share and market penetration
  • Developing market intelligence and understand future trends
  • Redesign of plants to eliminate of production of loss producer plants and substitution with plants with market demands
  • Development in Poly-olefin products with higher margin
  • Commissioning of olefin plant
  • Plant optimization to enhance conversion rate( feedstock to product)
  • Optimized Energy management
  • Effective physical asset management
  • Restructuring of organization structure and review of HR systems
  • Effective control of overhead costs
  • Authorization of Business processes
  • Developing ,retaining and empowerment of the key personnel



  • Sustainable profit generation
  • Grow revenue
  • Maximize assets utilization
  • Optimize cost structure
  • On-time delivery
  • Consistent Quality
  • Increase production volume
  • Waste Reduction
  • Secure feed stock
  • Effectively manage physical assets
  • Effective Energy management
  • Market penetration
  • Enhance in value chain of products
  • Be a good corporate citizen
  • Ensure Safety
  • Safeguard the environment
  • e-BIPC
  • Develop management system
  • Engage employees
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