BIPC Complex

Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company (B.I.P.C) ,

One of the largest industrial establishments in the Islamic republic of Iran , is located on the northwest coast of the Persian gulf. This location has been chosen due to its easy access to feed stocks , the main national roads, railway network , as well as international waterways.

In the early seventies, a 50 – 50 joint venture agreement was signed between national petrochemical company (N.P.C) of Iran and a consortium of  Japanese firms, headed by Mitsui & co., in order to construct this giant  petrochemical complex, under the name of Iran-japan petrochemical company (I.J.P.C).

Preliminary and basic activities, including back filling , site grading , construction of buildings and warehouses, installation of power, water and steam  facilities and construction of jetties began in 1974.

When the Iraqi war on Iran began in 1980, construction activities of the complex were just about %73 complete throughout the 8 years of war , the complex sustained heavy damages. After the cease fire and suspension of around eleven years, the Iran – japan venture was was officially terminated by mutual agreement .from that time, N.P.C undertook  the  reconstruction of  the damaged complex and company’s  name was changed to Bandar Imam petrochemical Co.(B.I.P.C)

At this stage, the resumption of site activities began with the cooperation of national and international contractors, and complex units came on stream, one by one from 1990 through 1994.

5 subsidiaries are currently present in the B.I.P.C and its overall production network which operate to a certain extent within fixed boundaries and some given authorities, on the other hand, B.I.P.C provides centralized services and support system such as contract affairs, commercial services , central laboratories, R&D,  strategic studies and system affairs.

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