Board of Directors and Managers
Hamid Reza Rostami

Managing Director
Chemical Engineering _ Tehran Technical University

Mohammad Gholi Yoonesi

Deputy Managing Director

Hassan Neshan Zadeh Moghadam

Production Director

Mehdi Zamanibakhsh

Managing Director
Faravaresh Bandar Imam Co

Malek Abbas Gholamzadeh

Managing Director
Basparan Bandar Imam Co

Abbas Masoumian

Managing Director
Kimia Bandar Imam Co

Hassan Balaghi Inaloo

Managing Director
Ab Niroo Bandar Imam Co

Heibatollah Etemadi

Managing Director
Kharazmi Bandar Imam Co

Mohsen Maleki

Commercial Director

Mohammad Hossein Pahlevan

Administrative Director

Seyed Reza Seyed Joola

Finance Director

Alireza Ebrahimian

Strategic Studies and Systems Manager

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