Code of Ethics

BIPC Code of Ethics

Our ambitions are based on values shared by our entire people.

Our policy is to ensure that our activities are conducted within high standards,  honesty,  integrity, and professionalism as bellow;

In relation to our customers;

We have a respectful and amicable relationship with our customers  and  vigorously  attract  their  satisfaction.

In relation to our suppliers & contractors;

We select our qualified suppliers & contractors in a board, fair and open competition with a win – win attitude.

In relation to our employees;

We protect the health and safety of our employees and treat them with respect  and dignity according  to  human rights and labour  standards ;

We provide them with  opportunities  to  express  their  views  and stimulate their  involvements.

In relation to our community;

We play a large role in our society, especially in the fields of education, culture and sport .

We spurn the corruption in all aspects of business activities.

In relation to our environment;

We  acknowledge  our great responsibility to protect  the environment. Our objectives are set in accordance with the principles  of sustainable  development.

We  comply  with  the standards  applicable  to  each  of  our production  lines. We conduct  researches  and use the most appropriate methods and technologies to rduce damages done and to enhance environmental protection.

In relation to our subsidiaries/share holders;

We  are committed  to  maintaining transparent and  well balanced  relationships  with  our share holders  and  subsidiaries. Information passing  and sharing between  ourselves  must be accurate  and honest.

These well defined values serve as the basisfor the long-term development  of the company. All strategic  decisions are teken in line with our code of conduct.

Whenever a new employee joins the company his/ her manager discusses the code of conduct with him / her thoroughly.

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